Searching for the best bio-based bottle and jar

Bio-based materials, like bioplastics, are sustainable products that can be used in conventional plastic transformation machines but require some adaptation. Bioplastics, and more precisely, biobased and biodegradable plastics, are special materials due to its physical and chemical particularities, storage, handling and processing behaviour, evidencing their diversity between them and convential plastics.

In this sense, different tests are carried out to manufacture the best bio-based bottle and jar available. Aitiip researchers and technicians are searching for different natural additives that allow to decrease the injection temperature in order to avoid that some natural fibres change their colour to dark brown.


Other currently ongoing activity in which researchers are involved is in finding natural colorants, extracted from different fruits, which will beautify the bottle and also the cosmetic jar. Eroski will organise focus groups to analyse with users and experts the acceptance of the new colours that will be present in the bottle and in the cosmetic jar. AMC, as juice producer, they will apply this natural colours only in the juice bottle.