Final Conference Citruspack

On Fabruary the 4th of 2021, CITRUSPACK project held its Online (Live) Final conference.

During the event, all the member partners gathered to make their results public. After years of research, they have managed to develop three types of products: bio bottles, bio jars and cosmetic creams, based on citrus residues, such as pulp or orange peel. All the products obtained the validation of industrial compostability, in line with the EN 13432 standard. Throughout the event, each partner explained how they carried out each of the led processes, and revealed the parameters obtained in each of the phases. The AMC team has been in charge of the process of extracting natural compounds from waste, with the aim of obtaining different substances, such as fibers or essential oils. AITIIP and TECOS were involved in the transformation of plastic. OLVETIA was a responsible partner for the development of new cosmetic product lines based on secondary citrus raw materials.

Once the structures and content of the cosmetic jar had been created, the companies OWS and Eroski subjected the final products to technical and sociological evaluation. Finally, PLASTIPOLIS led the transferability of the results. The partners also had the opportunity to exchange views and hear the results of other projects associated with the LIFE program, to discuss new sustainable living models, extending the concept of a sustainable life model to all industrial, commercial and social levels.