CITRUSPACK: Collaboration between LIFE projects

CITRUSPACK collaborates with LIFE project BioTHOP. BioTHOP addresses the challenge of developing a new cross-sector value chain to produce biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products with enhanced environmental sustainability and mechanical functionality.

In LIFE BioTHOP project these new bioplastic products will compete with the fossil-based counterparts in terms of price by utilising low cost waste-derived hop fillers; in mechanical functionality, through the use of a composite approach; and in sustainability terms, through the vertical energy integration of mass site production pathways.

The first validation trial has succeeded. CITRUSPACK has collaborated in this preliminary trial study through their biocomposite materials, based on PLA bioplastic and citrus fibres, coming as by-products of citrus juice production. TECOS, which acts as a partner in both projects, has implemented the first replicative project on introducing the CitrusPLA materials in new sectoral products. To this end, a limited series of CitrusPLA planting pots have been produced and it has been confirmed the potential for using these materials also in the horticultural and agricultural production sectors.

Citruspack Biothop Networking Final