See what our colleagues are doing at Life Citrus project

We are not alone in the citrus universe. Another Life project entitled Life CITRUS is developing solutions for citrus discarded parts. Life Citrus project aims to demonstrate on a semi-industrial scale an innovative industrial process for obtaining natural food ingredients from discarded parts of citrus fruits. It will install a mechanical processing line at a site in Murcia.

This will convert 10 tonnes of citrus residue into a natural gelling ingredient for use in the food industry. The project will hold workshops about the gelling ingredient for potential food industry customers. To transfer project know-how to industry operators, in order to enable European citrus operators to apply the proposed process and technology at industrial scale. To promote the use of healthy “clean label” ingredients in agro-food industry.

In this project, our parent AMCinnova is also taking part of this initiative, which demonstrate the commitment of AMCinnova with Circular Economy. Read more about the project at its website